Local Rule: All naturalized areas (fescue) are to be played as lateral hazards.

Pace of Play: Keep immediately behind the group in front of you. In the absence of a group ahead of you, keeping pace consists of playing 9 holes in 2 hours or less. If holding up play, our rangers will assist you with keeping pace. If you cannot keep pace after assistance, we may remove you from the golf course.

Bag and Clubs: Every player must have his/her own bag and set of clubs. Rental clubs are available in the Pro Shop.

Pro Shop Discretion: Our staff reserves the right to pair up players or groups at any time. No fivesomes are allowed during busy times and must be approved by the Pro Shop during non-busy times.

Spectators & Caddies: No spectators or caddies are allowed on the course unless riding in a cart after paying the applicable Ride Along fee. The Ride Along fee is not available during busy times (i.e. weekends before noon or holidays)

Player Assistance: Please notify a starter/ranger or call the Pro Shop to notify us of any disorderly conduct or slow play on the golf course.

Proper Attire: No sleeveless shirts or open heel shoes. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Cart Restrictions: Keep carts out of all naturalized areas (fescue) and on paths near tees and greens. Limit two carts per group or one cart for every two players.

At the Turn (18 Hole Rounds): After finishing your front nine when the golf course is crowded, you must make the turn immediately or you will forfeit your right-a-way to the groups behind you. Portable restrooms are located throughout the golf course and a beverage cart service is provided during these times.